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Television Studio I

Television Studio 1, 1semester Grades 10, 11, 12 ½ credit


Students will apply all skills learned in TV Production class as they take responsibility for operating Crestwood’s cable television station. Students will update the community bulletin board and schedule all pre-recorded programs to run at allotted times. Students will produce the “What The Devil Is Going On?” show, a bi-weekly newsmagazine format program. Students will also produce a daily five-minute morning announcements program which is broadcast to the school. The focus of this class is not the production of the morning announcements, but producing quality programming for broadcasting

which is of interest to the Crestwood community. Students will also learn advanced nonlinear editing techniques. As a requirement for this class, students will videotape programs after school such as sporting events, extra-curricular activities and community events. Students must have the approval of the television production instructor. There is a limit of 25 students. Prerequisite: Television Production. Fee: $10.00