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Junior-Senior Seminar

0426 Junior-Senior Seminar Fall Semester Grades 11, 12 ½ credit


This course is designed for Juniors and Seniors who intend to continue their education after graduation and wish to enhance their resume. Many colleges look for and/or require their incoming applicants to have experience in a community service project. Students who enroll in this course will research community needs, design an original service project, and put their project into action throughout the semester or year. Upon completing their service projects,

students will be required to present their project boards to a community organization (such as Rotary Club) and/or at a public meeting with parents, school board members, administrators, and other members of the community. The course will only be offered in the fall so that seniors will have time to complete a project to include on their college application or resume.

Students will be required to spend additional time outside of class for the research, development, and implementation of their service projects.

Prerequisites: Successfully earned 10 credits