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Gourmet Foods

0623 Gourmet Foods 1 semester Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 ½ credit


If you wanted to impress that very special friend, would you know what to include in a gourmet menu? Could you surprise him or her with an unusual sampling, such as exotic crepes, omelets, soufflés, quiches, and meat dishes? Could you exhibit a creative culinary ability and be able to transform normal “boring” potatoes into “Mantua’s Spectacular Spuds”? Could you set the stage for a meal and serve it with flair? Or, when dining out, can you exhibit acceptable social graces without embarrassing yourself? Gourmet Foods is designed to help you

appreciate one of the finer things in life – haute cuisine.

Prerequisite: Eating for the Health of It. Fee: $30.00.