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Teen Life I

0632 *Teen Life I 1 semester Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 ½ credit


Do you ever feel that no one understands you and that you are the only person that is feeling the way you do? Are you constantly battling with your parents and other adults in your life? Are there days when you would like nothing better than to go back to bed so you wouldn’t have to deal with the crisis in your life? News flash - you’re a teenager! Fortunately, there is help for you if you choose this course. Learn about adolescent development and how to accomplish the tasks you’re faced with before becoming an adult. Enhance your self-esteem so you can be all that you can be. Solve practical problems you are likely facing using the REASON model, so your stress level becomes more manageable. Get some pointers for improving your relationships with your family and friends. Finally, as you form values and beliefs about who you are and relate to others through the dating experience, learn how to express your sexuality maturely and responsibly. No prerequisite required.