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0911 Band 1 year Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 1 credit


Band provides instrumental music students with a quality ensemble experience, developing fundamental musical skills in rhythm, intonation, style, phrasing, and leadership. Band is part of the academic program, and participation at all performances and rehearsals is required throughout the school year. There are three major ensembles that function under the general description “band” at Crestwood: Scarlet Guard Marching Band This is a performance group that performs outdoors, generally in the fall season. It consists of an instrumental marching band unit (band) and auxiliary unit (flag line). The group performs at

Crestwood High School varsity football games, OMEA Adjudicated Events, community parades and other selected events throughout the year. Required summer rehearsals and band camp will be held to adequately prepare the band for the season. Evening rehearsals and sectionals are held to prepare the band for their upcoming performances. Concert Band and Wind Ensemble

These are the large performance groups that perform indoors. The organization of these groups begins with auditions in late October to measure each of the student’s technical and musical proficiencies. There is a Pay to Participate Fee.